28 Feb 2012

Grey Jeggings

Hey guys, quick post,was at the studio today took a few pics, thought i upload it as the first outfit on my blog :)                   Outfit: 1.

           Outfit: 2.

     Outfit: 3.

                                                                    What Am Wearing
                                                                             Outfit 1. Poker dot blouse: Forever21
                                                                             Outfit 2. Color block Top: Lost April
                                                                            Outfit 3. Tangerine Blouse: Asos
                                                                               Accessories: Local Store
                                                                               Jeggings : Forever21
                                                                               Bags:    Atmosphere 
                                                                               Shoes:  Alba

Xo Nty



Chloe Mia said...

The first outfit is my favourite I love the leopard print bag!

Joy Shana said...

Thx,Love your blog.

Alina said...

Nice outfits!Love your hair!

Joy Shana said...

Thanks :)

Aydreams said...

love the first and the third outfit

Kasia15 said...

Lovely look <3

Anonymous said...

Love the trousers and your big hair!!! The whole look works without a doubt.

Simona Tucu said...

The first outfit is my favourite too!
I realy like your blog! :)

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