28 Feb 2012

Grey Jeggings

Hey guys, quick post,was at the studio today took a few pics, thought i upload it as the first outfit on my blog :)                   Outfit: 1.

           Outfit: 2.

     Outfit: 3.

                                                                    What Am Wearing
                                                                             Outfit 1. Poker dot blouse: Forever21
                                                                             Outfit 2. Color block Top: Lost April
                                                                            Outfit 3. Tangerine Blouse: Asos
                                                                               Accessories: Local Store
                                                                               Jeggings : Forever21
                                                                               Bags:    Atmosphere 
                                                                               Shoes:  Alba

Xo Nty


27 Feb 2012

Zara two tone shoes

Hey dolls, how are ya'll doing?just got an email today from Lauren asking how to pair Zara two tone toe cap court shoes with a red dress,my own opinion on this shoe is that it goes with almost every outfit depending on how it is styled,it can be paired with lots of outfits.

Outfit 2.  Two tone shoes goes with lots of outfits depending on what you want to wear with it.
you can check other blogs to get ideas on how to style an outfit with two tone shoes, hope this helps.
Xo  J.

Fab color blocking combo

Hi guys, OK i guess i have a day off to work seriously on my blog, so here is a few color blocking outfit combo i love. Outfit 1. the Jeggings

Outfit 2. All paired up,pick one that state your personality  :-)
I love how all the outfit are paired up,different ways to make a statement,you can add a statement necklace to the outfit each outfit stand out it all depends on your style,i guess color blocking trend is here to stay and am loving all the mix match, what do you guys think?                   
source: goggle,   Xo J.                               

Colors am loving right now

Loving this mint color combo.pastel colors are trending right now,what better time to experiment with colors than now :-)
Blue is the new black,how cute is this summery look, everything blue am loving this season.

Love it.


Going Nude

Hey girls, been on the nude side lately, will post some out fit of the day soon still on the process :-) but i will leave you with this carefully picked out outfit am loving,fab for summer everything NUDE.
 what do you guys think of this combo? love it.
Xo J.
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