27 Mar 2013

Spring Brights

Hi loves, how are you all doing? is already spring here so i thought i brighten my day with loud colors:) i have  had this jeans for like a year now, i have no idea why i got it, i guess the mustard color just called to me lol,  what do you think of this jeans? is the color too loud? hope you all are having a great week as i am:) 

Outfit: Blazer/Jeans: Mango, Tank: F21, Bag: eBay, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

25 Mar 2013

Ripped Jeans

Hi loves, how was your weekend? i spent my weekend going back and forth to church, Friday was my pastors birthday so i missed out on posting last week, don't you just love this jeans:) anything ripped has my name on it, i wore this out yesterday, this pictures were taken at about 6pm, so it was almost dark, my dslr battery died before i could take the first shot, thank God i always have my old camera in the car for back up, hope you like this look, as much as i do:))

Outfit: Tee: Zara, Jeans: Mango, Bag: Local Boutique, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

20 Mar 2013


Hi Loves, Happy Wednesday, hope you all are having a great week, is been raining here almost everyday, this is my go to outfit when am not feeling the day, i had no idea this shoes have not been featured on the blog and a lot of other stuff i got, am really slagging in the blogging field lol, i break my on rules of posting  3 times a week:( but i promise it will get better, hope you like it:)

Outfit: Top: F21, Jeans: Cotton on, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

18 Mar 2013

Hottest Shoe Trend ''White Pumps''

Hi loves, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? today's post is dedicated to one of the hottest trend right now,White Pumps, they are popping up every where you look, on the Runway, Celebrities, Magazines, and the Blogsphere, if you haven't gotten a pair yet like me:) go find it, forget labor day rules, white is in this spring and am loving it, even though am still on the hunt for a perfect pair in my size, they sell out quick, still waiting for Nine west to restock again hopefully, here are few pics on how some celebs rock it, and of course the list is never complete without Solange Knowles, Diane Kruger and Kerry Washington, this 3 are my all time favorite their style is dope:)

I will be back on Wednesday with an outfit post:)
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Xo J

13 Mar 2013

PJ Style

Hi guys, how are you all? i know what you are thinking, what the hell is she wearing lol, no i didn't just roll out of bed, although my outfit look like i just woke up and threw some heels on to take pictures:) when i saw this in H&M and tried it on, my husband asked me if they had a bed here for shoppers to take a short nap lol, truth is i honestly love how airy and free the material feels, is something you wear on a lazy day out, just throw on some heels and your good to go, bad girl Riri is a fan of the PJ style and i love her:)  what do you think of the PJ style trend?


Outfit: H&M Pants/Top, Bag: Nose, Shoes: Nine West.

PS: am looking for a web designer to give my blog a full layout make over, if you know any blogger that does a great job, hook me up, email me.
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Xo J

8 Mar 2013

Stripes Blazer

Hi loves, TGIF i know i say that a lot but am so glad is weekend, hope you all had an amazing week, is no news that stripes is trending, and as a stripes lover am super excited because i have a wardrobe full of stripes, how i found this cute blazer? i have the most loving hubs who treats me to mall dates:) men hate shopping, but i drag mine along with me when shopping, that way i get to shop with no guilt that i over spent lol, to be honest i prefer our dates at the mall than the usual restaurant ones we have every once in a while, i spotted this blazer in h&m on one of those dates last week, i think apart from my few Zara blazers, this one is my favorite, i have never own a stripe blazer before so this like a major must have for me:) you are going to be seeing it on here a lot, anyone else like going shopping with their other half like me? This photos were taken when i was in awkward positions, hope you like this look:)

Outfit: Blazer: H&M, Top: Cotton on, Jeans: Zara, Bag: eBay, Shoes: Nine West

Happy Women's Day:) Thanks for reading have a fabulous weekend. 

Xo J

6 Mar 2013

Giveaway Winner

Hi loves, Happy Wednesday, just wanted to stop by to announce the giveaway winner,  thank you all for participating, this is just a starting point to more giveaways coming soon:) the Winner of the nine west jeneil pumps is Cambria of  http://jupefashion.blogspot.com/   hope you love those shoes as much as i do:) just sent you an email, Congrats

Xo J.

4 Mar 2013

Sunday Chic

Hi dolls, Happy new month, is the beginning of the week and am super excited to be posting today,''see'' am keeping to my weekly outfits promise:) how was your weekend? did you do anything interesting? mine was wonderful, i had an amazing time in church yesterday, is good to end the weekend thanking God for all his blessings, on a fashion note, don't you just love animal prints, they bring out the chicness in you lol, got this top from h&m few days ago, even though am not a sleeveless fan because i have big arms, i just couldn't say no to this one, is peplum who doesn't love peplum:) i got a few new pairs of nine west shoes this morning from the mail, did i mention that am obsessed with nine west shoes? take a look at my collection in just 2 months :) hope you like this look.
PS: am giving away a new pair of this amazable Nine West Jeneil, am wearing the red:) enter below.

Outfit:Top: H&M, Jacket: Mango, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Ninewest  Jeneil 

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Xo J

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