28 Jun 2012

Black Shades

Hi dolls, how are you all doing?great week thank God is Thursday:) as you all know i have a 3 year old son, lately his been more demanding than ever,when you have kids a lot of things change,it takes tolerance to keep calm and sane,shout out to all Moms out there, onto my outfit i wore this out today, the skirt looks ruff because i had no time to iron,i haven't worn this skirt for a long time,is always good to keep old cloths, you never know when you will need them right:) had no idea what to title this post #lol.

                Outfit: Top: Cotton on, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Wanted, Bag: Local store.                                                                                     

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great a week.
Xo  J

24 Jun 2012

Dot Dot Casual Sunday

Hi darlings, happy Sunday, how is everyone out there doing?here is an outfit i wore out today,i had a second thought posting this outfit. but hey isn't that what blogging is all about? shout to all my old and new followers you guys have made my blogging journey fun and amazing with your sweet comments thank you so much:) ok  i know am piling up the pound blame it on McDonalds, i can't help it,someone push me to the Gym please lol, this dress had to be worn cause is has been sitting on my closet forever.

Outfit: Dress:  Local store, Belt: Mango, Bag: Local store, Flats: Lifestrides 

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Have a fabulous weekend

Xo J

18 Jun 2012

The Yellow Dress

Hi darlings, how was your weekend?hope everyone had a great weekend, ever wondered what a yellow dress will look like with white shoes on? ''well'' i have, i put it to test:) first dress from Topshop, second dress from Karenmillen, thank you all for the sweet comments, it keeps me motivated to post and update regularly:) am looking up to this week with great expectations. 

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Xo J

13 Jun 2012

Blue Prints

Hi darlings:) finally an outfit post from me ''yay'' ok so is been a while to be honest i missed you all, thank you for the comments and love it really means a lot hearing your thought on my post, am so excited my dslr camera arrived last week and i was inching to take pics with it to see the image quality,i always forget to do the NEW IN POST when i buy new stuff i just rip off the tag and hang them in my closet waiting for an opportunity to wear them:) am loving this dress i got from Zara few days ago i actually wore it as a blouse, the Egyptian detailing on it are divine, it took forever for this pictures to upload my connection is crap but above all i love the outcome:) how is your week going?

Outfit:  Dress/Pants: Zara,  Bag: Nose,  Shoes: Lifestride,  Accessories: Local Store.

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My hubby says i look like an Egyptian lady on this dress:) what do you think? Have a fabulous week ahead.

Xo J

8 Jun 2012

Flower Lover

Hi dolls, happy Friday, i miss you all, sorry for the lack of post but my Hubby/Photographer is out of town hence the lack of post :(  i miss getting all dolled up, but don't worry next week i will be back full time:) how cute are this dresses put together?adding flower prints in your wardrobe this spring won't be a bad idea, first dress from Wallis, second from Littlewood.

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Have a fabulous weekend ahead
Xo J
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