31 Aug 2012

Casual Friday

Hi dolls, TGIF that means time to relax, here is a casual simple look i wore out, i forgot i had this shirt,am a stripe lover need i say more lol, hope you like it, i have a Facebook account please please press the Like button on my blog, support :)

Outfit: Shirt: Mango, Jeans: Vigoss, Bag: Carl rino, Shoes: Endless

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Xo J

29 Aug 2012

V Neck Cut

Hi dolls,  how is everyone week going? back again with an outfit post ''yay'' so i have had this dress forever, never worn it cause i hate the color, i spend hours ironing it never stretch,i can go on and on to give reasons why i hate it, but then again i bought it don't know why, so while going through magazines and online fall collection i noticed the color is every where and thought what better way to wear that awful dress of mine than now,to start with i once hated the color,but now am having a change of mind #lol, this week am going all simple and casual with my looks,to even think that my previous outfit post worn me ''Fashionista of the day'' crown on Chicisimo yesterday is beyond me:) hope you like it.

Outfit: Dress: Downtown, Belt: F21, Bag: eBay, Shoes: Tuk

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Xo J

27 Aug 2012

Olive Green ( Mommy Time :)

Hi lovelies, happy happy Monday, how was your weekend? mine was great, yesterday i spent my afternoon at the spa, i really needed it, i love being a Mom but once in a while i take a few hours away from all the screams for a quiet me time, about my look, am not one that plan my outfit, i just grab what caught my eye in my closet and off i go, simple and easy for me, here is what i wore out for my me time:) shout out to all the fabulous Mommies.

Outfit: Top: F21, Skirt: Zara (old) Vest: Lence, Bag: Local Store, Shoes: Endless

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Xo J

24 Aug 2012

Mustard Match

Hi dolls, TGIF, how is everyone doing? i missed you all and am back with an exciting outfit post ''yay'' lately i have been into the matchy matchy looks, call me old fashion but i kind of like it:) you all know my other addiction stripes,give me stripes and polka dots and am all jiggly,my closet is full of both:) i got this top from an online store called the poplook, is a little big on me because i went for a size up,i have this thing with online shopping i always go for one size bigger in-case my real size is too small,better to adjust the big size than a size too small,sometimes it fits perfectly,the top was too long i had to fold it,am still trying to keep up with my 3times a week post :)

Outfit: Top: Poplook, Jeans: Zara, Bag: Nose, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Necklace: Local Store

Shout out to all my new and old followers you guys rock:) have a fun and fabulous weekend.
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Xo J

20 Aug 2012

Fun Matchy Colors

Hi sweeties, Happy Monday,hope everyone had an amazing weekend, i wish i could say i did but honestly i didn't, am not the type that take things seriously but this past few days life has thought me to be more guarded and careful,we learn everyday, anyways it rained today hence no outfit post :( but don't you just love this cute dresses from Forevernew,i will so rock the 2 looks if i had them in my closet:) am more into dresses than skirt,how about you?

Thanks for stopping by, its a new week lets start it with being positive, have a Fabulous week ahead, i pray the weather stay calm for an outfit post tomorrow:)
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Xo J

16 Aug 2012

Dots Overdose

Hi dolls, i know am so so sorry for the lack of post, i missed you all, i was sick this few days,chest pain i don't smoke or do heavy lifting,i have idea where that came from,thank god am fine now,the only good thing i lost a stone,funny i only loose weight when am sick, my 3times a week outfit post continues:) this was meant for tomorrows post but i couldn't wait to show you this cute polka dot dress i got from a store called FOS,  you all know how crazy i go for anything polka dots and stripes it is an addiction that is uncontrollable lol, shout out to my new and old followers you all are amazing,i will try my best to visit your blogs, am trying out short hair for a change,what do you think? not blogging this few days made me feel like a part of me was missing, is wired but i love the feeling:) do you experience this?

Outfit: Dress: Fos, Belt: F21, Bag: Ebay, Shoes: Lifestride

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Xo J

10 Aug 2012

Birthday Dinner Outfit

Hi dolls, TGIF, today is my birthday ''YaY'' i thank God for all he has done for me,words can't express how grateful i am, am celebrating simple this year, having dinner in a fine restaurant with few of my friends, as one get older a lots of things change. thank you all for the nice feed back on my featured guest post, here is an outfit idea i put together, perfect for a birthday dinner:) in love with the print on this dress and the dropped waist dress,both dresses from Topshop, which will you go for?

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Xo J

8 Aug 2012

Guest post 2

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? today on my blog guest posting is Sheree, my fellow Leo,we are born on the same month August:) another fabulous blogger i don't go a day with out checking out her blog, her style is effortless.

check out her blog http://www.itsnotthatdeep.com/

Xo J

6 Aug 2012

Navy Blue

Hi dolls, happy Monday wow the week sure run fast right, how was your weekend end? mine was great spent it cleaning and planning my up coming birthday:) am thinking of featuring other fabulous bloggers to guest post on my blog every once in a while what do you think? here is what i wore to church yesterday, the dress is a gift from my sister, i never really saw it as something i will wear out because the top attached to the dress was too loose, used a belt and nude shoes instead of black and it turned out nice, am dark skin bright colors flatter my skin tone hence the nude shoes:) Question: any one know any free easy picture editor software i can download? i need to start editing my pictures they don't come out good this days. wondering why i always stand by this car? is the only way hubby can take my picture, knowing that we are close to the car so i don't delay him:) hope you like it.

Outfit: Dress: Gift, Shoes: Auri, Bag: Local store, Necklace/belt F21
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Xo J

3 Aug 2012

Baby Panda Tee

Hi dolls,  TGIF how are you all doing? so today am going all simple with my outfit, i don't know there is something about August month that light up my spirit not just because is my birthday month:) today was really hot i was sweating to my teeth:( i got this cute tee from Seed few days ago, i love the panda drawing on it.

Outfit: Tee: Seed, Jeans: Zara, Flats: Tuk,  Bag: eBay

Thanks for stopping by and have a Fabulous weekend 
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Xo J

1 Aug 2012

Orange Girl

Hi dolls,   Happy Happy new month, how are you all doing? so excited today because this is my birthday month:) i know i have been singing it lol, 9days to go i can't wait, is amazing how everything have turn out in my life and am so grateful to God, i decided to wear this bright color dress out today, i got the dress from a shop called Nicole i have never heard of it, just thought they got cute and colorful stuff, i brought a belt to try a different look, which do you like? belted or loose?hope you like it:)

Outfit: Dress: Nicole, Bag/Necklace: Local store, Shoes: Auri

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week ''Kisses''
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Xo J

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