30 Aug 2013

Batik And Wax Prints

Hi Loves, happy Friday, how are you all doing? ''Wow'' is been 3 weeks since i last posted, i can't believe i have been away that long, i missed you all, i decided to take a short break from blogging to concentrate on personal issues and do other things i have not had the time to do before i finally move back home, am super excited and nervous at the same time because the days are getting near:)) a lot has happen this past couple of weeks, but i will save you the story and my recent life occurrence for another day.
        In the mean time, i just couldn't pass when i came across this collection. the prints and style of this pieces makes me go crazy, am still saving up to grab one or better still get an Ankara fabric to my tailor to make me one of this dresses, love love love. the collection is by UK  based Ghanaian designer  Sika Designs  Very talented proudly African, if i had my way i will own all, their sizes run upto UK size 14, and affordable:))

PS: This is not a sponsored post i just love the collection. What's not to love about this collection:)) hopefully regular blogging resumes soon, keep checking back;))
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Xo J

2 Aug 2013

The Shift Dress ''Happy New Month''

Hi Loves, happy Friday, hope you had a great week, is been a minute since i last posted, keeping up with blogging is a constant challenge for me right now, a lot is happening in my life that  i can't complain but give thanks to GOD, am so excited for this month because is my birthday ''Yay'' shout out to all my fellow Leo's we shine and rule no matter what:) so you probably already know my weakness for cute dresses, my polyvore sets mostly consist of dresses, i don't do it intentionally but when am putting together a set and i see a cute dress, i immediately envision how and what  i will wear it with if i had it in my closet, so don't blame me, every girl should have a shift dress in their closet, what's not to love about them:) which will you reach for?

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous weekend all:) 


Xo J

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