28 Jan 2013

Casual Chic;)

Hi doll, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? sorry for the lack of post, i have been super busy, i missed y'all, i tell you blogging is a big time job, so kudos to those of you that blog regularly much respect to you, i have so much to show you but so little time:) got this cute chambray shirt from cotton on the other day, it was the last in the rack and one size bigger than my usual size but i had to have it, also am prepping for my one year blog anniversary giveaway so stick around longer:) how chic is this look? hope you like it.

Oufit: Shirt/Jeans/ Glass: Cotton On, Bag: Charles&Keith, Shoes: Ninewest

Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot more than you know, Have a blessed week ahead, find me on Facebook, Twitter@shana_style, Bloglovin and Chicisimo 

Xo J

16 Jan 2013


Hi sweeties, Happy Wednesday, how is your week going so far? mine has been great, my hubby/Photographer is around so am using the opportunity to keep up with blogging regularly for now;) even though i was sweating buckets cause the weather was so damn Hot today, i manage to take pics, oh did i mention my camera has been acting up, pics don't come out right this days i have no idea why, and my Photography/Photoshop skills are zero:(  what do you think of my outfit color combination? am doing bold and bright colors this year, hope you like it.

Outfit: Top/Jeans: F21, Bag: Nose, Shoes: Ninewest 

Thank you all for taking time out to check out my blog, i really do appreciate, see you Friday hopefully
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Xo J

14 Jan 2013

Sunday Service

Hi dolls, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? this week has been amazing so far, if you read my blog daily you should already know that i hate ironing so please excuse my rough outfit:) i am officially obsessed with Ninewest shoes, during the holiday season i took advantage of the sales to get a pair of black pumps i have been wanting for a while, so when i received my first pair i feel inlove with the brand and ordered an extra 4 more pairs of shoes from them lol, their shoes fits like a glove i walk all day with it, now i can't go a day without checking out their website to see if they have updated new styles, yes am that obsessed:) i wore this yesterday to church, did i tell you am also obsessed with baggy pants this days lol,  hope you like it;)

Outfit: Blouse: Mango, Pants: H&M, Bag: Local Store, Shoes: Nine West, Glasses: Roxy

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Xo J

9 Jan 2013

Tartan Green

Hi dolls, happy Wednesday, how was your weekend? sorry i couldn't post on Monday, am trying to balance my time, blogging is something i love but time is what i don't have this days, i got this pants and blazer 2 weeks ago from Zara, the sad part of it is that i got it on full price, i never shop at Zara except during the sales period because Zara is very pricey here, but i fell in love with this blazer the moment i saw it, i have never had a tartan blazer so this one i had to have, while i was trying it on, hubby pointed out the pants to me and told me to complete the look:) so i ended up buying both, i know i know i gain a few extra pounds during the holiday season, i hope you like my suit matchy look;)

Outfit: Blazer/Pants: Zara, Top: Cotton on, Bag: eBay, Shoes: Nine west, Necklace: F21

Did i tell you i have a thing for buying items in 3 or more colors when i love it:) same goes to this nine west pumps Jeneile, i got it in 3 colors, no shame in that right? lol, Have a great week ahead darlings.
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4 Jan 2013

Happy New Year:)

Hi dolls, Happy New Year to you all:)  my first 2013 post, words can't describe how thankful and grateful to God i am, for seeing me through this year, and also to you all for your support, encouragement, and for always finding time to visit my blog, thank you, playing dress up is something i have always loved and being able to have a space to document it, makes it even more better cause i get to explore and discover new ways to wear and style different looks, i might not be the best dressed in the blogsphere,but am happy am doing what i love, i pray this year brings us all the best and more blessings, i don't make resolutions cause i don't keep them, but i know this year is going to be amazing,back with a fresh start;)

Outfit: Top/Blazer: F21, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Ninewest, Bag: Local Store

Thank you all for stopping by, have a fabulous weekend, see you on Monday;)
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Xo J 
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