27 Feb 2012

Zara two tone shoes

Hey dolls, how are ya'll doing?just got an email today from Lauren asking how to pair Zara two tone toe cap court shoes with a red dress,my own opinion on this shoe is that it goes with almost every outfit depending on how it is styled,it can be paired with lots of outfits.

Outfit 2.  Two tone shoes goes with lots of outfits depending on what you want to wear with it.
you can check other blogs to get ideas on how to style an outfit with two tone shoes, hope this helps.
Xo  J.


Flor de Maria Fashion said...

I wish I got those shoes when I saw them! FAB


NtyShana said...

Thx Flor, love your style so addicted to your blog.
Following your blog,hope you follow back:)

Vivid said...

Amazing post <3

ThePieHole said...

I love the red dress,what kind of brand is it?
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