30 Sep 2013

Leopard Overload

Hi loves, happy Monday to you all, so good to be back blogging again, i guess now is more of a weekly thing than the usual, i hope you all had a great weekend, don't you just love a good matchy matchy outfit? to me when it comes to fashion, i don't care about what time of the year it is, i wear what makes me happy and what i feel the most comfortable in, this skirt was from last year Zara sales, i forgot i bought it, not up till a few days ago while searching on the web for a leopard print scarf that i remembered i had something like this somewhere in my closet, i am very forgetful is not funny any more am working on it:) OK i admit this is my new colour obsession, you all know my love for nine west shoes, so this pair was just the right one to complete the look.

Outfit: Top: F21, Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Karen Waker, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Nine West

Hope this week brings you all more blessings as you desire.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead :))


Xo J

23 Sep 2013

Jean Crush XX

Hi loves, happy Monday, how was your weekend? i got a couple of emails asking my way about, why i don't blog as often as i used and whether i have finally relocated back home, first of all thank you for the emails, to answer your question am still in the process of moving, i decided to push it close to Christmas period, that way i don't get bored quickly and start complaining lol, after-all there is no place like home:))  on a fashion note, in other parts of the world is the beginning of fall but out here is the beginning of summer well to be honest is always summer here, i have been shopping for things i will need that i might not find back home and all, i picked up this blazer during the last zara sale, and this fabulous jeans from h&m few weeks ago, normally i wear more of dresses and skirts to church but since Sunday is the only day i get to take blog pics now, i had to spice it up a little bit, and no don't get it twisted am not pregnant, just a stubborn area in my body that still needs lots of workout;)  the blazer added a pop of colour to the whole look,

                             Outfit:  Blazer/Tank: Zara,  Jeans: H&M,  Bag: Celine,  Shoes: Ninewest

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead.


Xo J

16 Sep 2013


Hi loves, happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend, so is obvious now that Sunday is the only day and time i bring my camera along with me to church, that way i get to take blog pictures, though there is a limit to what i can wear to church, i got this lace shift dress from my local boutique, am not a lace person but this particular caught my eye, the blue detailing gave the dress a glow if you look closely, although i felt incomplete because i forgot my necklace on my desk since i was rushing out, side note, am not the perfect blogger when it comes to detailing and getting it together but am learning everyday :))

Dress: Emage, Bag: Ysl, Shoes: Ninewest

Thank you all for always taking out time to stop by, i really appreciate it:))  have a great week ahead.


Xo J

2 Sep 2013

Blue Black ''Happy New Month"

Hi loves, happy new month, hope you had a great weekend, i wore this to church yesterday, please excuse the squeezed dress, i was late to church  i had no time to iron so i grabbed what i could fit in, God is love he doesn't really care about your appearance:) yes i added a little weight during this short break blame it on magnum ice cream i can't resist, this shoes where not planned either but it worked anyway, i pray this month brings you all more blessings:))

Outfit: Dress: Emage, Vest: Zara, Necklace/Sunnies: Local Store, Bag: H&M, Shoes: NineWest

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead.


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