3 Dec 2013

Black N Pink

Hi loves, happy new month and happy Tuesday to you all, how was your weekend? hope you had a great thanksgiving for those who celebrate, can you believe is already December? i have to still pinch myself and accept that 2013 is coming to end, this year has been good to me i can't complain, looking forward to what 2014 brings and i can't wait to welcome it,  just a quick hello like i promise to do my best to update regularly:) i finally found the perfect jumpsuit after months of searching, i know what your thinking is she for real lol, ''hell yeah'' in the past the ones i have found are either too tight or too short or i can't fit in, being on the tall side, finding cloths can be tough at times, thank heavens for Mango, they always answer my prayers hehe, i wore this to church on Sunday.

Outfit: Jumpsuit: Mango, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

26 Nov 2013

Hi Blog

Hello Loves, happy Tuesday, long time no see how are you all? how i miss blogging you have no idea, right now my life is focused on other things that adding blogging to it means pushing my self too hard, especially when i don't have a stand by photographer it sucks:(  but i will try my best to start updating more, anyways i can't wait to catch up with all your blogs if time permits:) i wore this dress to church last month but didn't have the time to edit and post it here, i got this dress from my local store 2 months ago, i rarely find a dress that fits me like this so you can imagine my excitement when i found this one, i love how it hugs my body in the right places, please excuse the crappy editing am still learning:)

Dress: Local Boutique, Bag: Local Boutique, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

14 Oct 2013

Denim Leather Chaps

Hi Loves, happy Monday, how have you all been? feels good to be blogging today, this is not my typical church outfit i had to carry an extra pair pants to change just so i could take blog pictures, the things we do for blogging, i first saw this denim leather chap jeans on Rihanna, Beyonce, Lindsay and a few other celebs, i love how edgy and chic it looks on, i just couldn't pass it, normally i don't follow trends but for this leather denim jeans i was willing to give it a go, on Friday i walked into mango store and there it was staring right back at me the pants of my dreams lol, it was love at first sight, this shit also happen to be among their new fall collection, i love the cheater prints on it, and of course no outfit of mine is complete with this zara vest;))

Outfit: Shirt: Mango  Denim: Mango  Bag: Celine  Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J.

30 Sep 2013

Leopard Overload

Hi loves, happy Monday to you all, so good to be back blogging again, i guess now is more of a weekly thing than the usual, i hope you all had a great weekend, don't you just love a good matchy matchy outfit? to me when it comes to fashion, i don't care about what time of the year it is, i wear what makes me happy and what i feel the most comfortable in, this skirt was from last year Zara sales, i forgot i bought it, not up till a few days ago while searching on the web for a leopard print scarf that i remembered i had something like this somewhere in my closet, i am very forgetful is not funny any more am working on it:) OK i admit this is my new colour obsession, you all know my love for nine west shoes, so this pair was just the right one to complete the look.

Outfit: Top: F21, Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Karen Waker, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Nine West

Hope this week brings you all more blessings as you desire.
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Xo J

23 Sep 2013

Jean Crush XX

Hi loves, happy Monday, how was your weekend? i got a couple of emails asking my way about, why i don't blog as often as i used and whether i have finally relocated back home, first of all thank you for the emails, to answer your question am still in the process of moving, i decided to push it close to Christmas period, that way i don't get bored quickly and start complaining lol, after-all there is no place like home:))  on a fashion note, in other parts of the world is the beginning of fall but out here is the beginning of summer well to be honest is always summer here, i have been shopping for things i will need that i might not find back home and all, i picked up this blazer during the last zara sale, and this fabulous jeans from h&m few weeks ago, normally i wear more of dresses and skirts to church but since Sunday is the only day i get to take blog pics now, i had to spice it up a little bit, and no don't get it twisted am not pregnant, just a stubborn area in my body that still needs lots of workout;)  the blazer added a pop of colour to the whole look,

                             Outfit:  Blazer/Tank: Zara,  Jeans: H&M,  Bag: Celine,  Shoes: Ninewest

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Xo J

16 Sep 2013


Hi loves, happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend, so is obvious now that Sunday is the only day and time i bring my camera along with me to church, that way i get to take blog pictures, though there is a limit to what i can wear to church, i got this lace shift dress from my local boutique, am not a lace person but this particular caught my eye, the blue detailing gave the dress a glow if you look closely, although i felt incomplete because i forgot my necklace on my desk since i was rushing out, side note, am not the perfect blogger when it comes to detailing and getting it together but am learning everyday :))

Dress: Emage, Bag: Ysl, Shoes: Ninewest

Thank you all for always taking out time to stop by, i really appreciate it:))  have a great week ahead.


Xo J

2 Sep 2013

Blue Black ''Happy New Month"

Hi loves, happy new month, hope you had a great weekend, i wore this to church yesterday, please excuse the squeezed dress, i was late to church  i had no time to iron so i grabbed what i could fit in, God is love he doesn't really care about your appearance:) yes i added a little weight during this short break blame it on magnum ice cream i can't resist, this shoes where not planned either but it worked anyway, i pray this month brings you all more blessings:))

Outfit: Dress: Emage, Vest: Zara, Necklace/Sunnies: Local Store, Bag: H&M, Shoes: NineWest

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30 Aug 2013

Batik And Wax Prints

Hi Loves, happy Friday, how are you all doing? ''Wow'' is been 3 weeks since i last posted, i can't believe i have been away that long, i missed you all, i decided to take a short break from blogging to concentrate on personal issues and do other things i have not had the time to do before i finally move back home, am super excited and nervous at the same time because the days are getting near:)) a lot has happen this past couple of weeks, but i will save you the story and my recent life occurrence for another day.
        In the mean time, i just couldn't pass when i came across this collection. the prints and style of this pieces makes me go crazy, am still saving up to grab one or better still get an Ankara fabric to my tailor to make me one of this dresses, love love love. the collection is by UK  based Ghanaian designer  Sika Designs  Very talented proudly African, if i had my way i will own all, their sizes run upto UK size 14, and affordable:))

PS: This is not a sponsored post i just love the collection. What's not to love about this collection:)) hopefully regular blogging resumes soon, keep checking back;))
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Xo J

2 Aug 2013

The Shift Dress ''Happy New Month''

Hi Loves, happy Friday, hope you had a great week, is been a minute since i last posted, keeping up with blogging is a constant challenge for me right now, a lot is happening in my life that  i can't complain but give thanks to GOD, am so excited for this month because is my birthday ''Yay'' shout out to all my fellow Leo's we shine and rule no matter what:) so you probably already know my weakness for cute dresses, my polyvore sets mostly consist of dresses, i don't do it intentionally but when am putting together a set and i see a cute dress, i immediately envision how and what  i will wear it with if i had it in my closet, so don't blame me, every girl should have a shift dress in their closet, what's not to love about them:) which will you reach for?

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous weekend all:) 


Xo J

29 Jul 2013

Cats Dress

Hi loves, happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend, i had a fun filled weekend, i got this dress from the local boutique on my way back from the grocery store few weeks ago, i think the first thing that came to my mind was this looks almost exactly like the VB cat dress, but then again the material was not comparable and for the price on it,  i was sold even though they didn't have my size:) am beginning to embrace wearing mini dresses since someone likes me on them;) i had to layer it with a vest to make me look slimmer a bit, i gain a few pounds back again i had to squeeze my self into this dress because i love it and won't let it go:) lately i have been feeling really reluctant to take pics, some days are like that for me, how about you?

Outfit: Dress: Local Store, Vest/Bag: Zara, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

22 Jul 2013

Stripes on Stripes

Hi loves, happy Monday, how was your weekend? hope you had a great one, i wore this out over the weekend on a lazy day out with my boys toy shopping, this pics almost didn't make it here because i was not in the mood shots, i had no accessories on, my outfit was plain and simple, but am posting it anyway:) not everything has to be planned sometimes you let loose and go with the flow.

                                        Outfit: Shirt/Skirt: Zara, Bag: Prada, Shoes: Nine West

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous week ahead.


Xo J.
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