26 Nov 2013

Hi Blog

Hello Loves, happy Tuesday, long time no see how are you all? how i miss blogging you have no idea, right now my life is focused on other things that adding blogging to it means pushing my self too hard, especially when i don't have a stand by photographer it sucks:(  but i will try my best to start updating more, anyways i can't wait to catch up with all your blogs if time permits:) i wore this dress to church last month but didn't have the time to edit and post it here, i got this dress from my local store 2 months ago, i rarely find a dress that fits me like this so you can imagine my excitement when i found this one, i love how it hugs my body in the right places, please excuse the crappy editing am still learning:)

Dress: Local Boutique, Bag: Local Boutique, Shoes: Nine West

Thanks stopping by have a fabulous week ahead, for daily updates join me on ----------->


Xo J

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