28 Sep 2012

Gold Touch

Hi dolls, TGIF how is every one doing? yes i know i promise to keep the outfit post coming but right now my camera man aka Hubby is out of town, and taking photos my self don't work for me:( but don't worry next week will be better:) ah don't you just love weekend? i finally get to relax and clean my house properly lol, so this fall on the runway i have seen gold and fun colors everywhere, here is my own version of black navy and gold looks, yes i had to add navy dresses too, if you notice that is my new favorite color:) i wish i can have all of this now lol, picked everything randomly, hope you like it.

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Xo J

25 Sep 2012

Am Back:)

Hi dolls, wow can't believe my last outfit post was 2weeks ago, so sorry for the lack of post, i had to take a short break off blogging, life get busy sometimes but thank God everything is back to normal, how are you all doing? i missed you :) thank you for the emails, i hit the 1k plus followers on GFC still thinking of the type of giveaway to thank you with, i wore this to a wedding few days ago, this is like a remix outfit with a different twist, is still as sunny as ever here,so i get to wear what i like:) check back on Friday blogging resume:)

Outfit: Dress/Belt: Mango, Bag: Local Store, Shoes: Auri

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Xo J

20 Sep 2012

Fall Looks

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? i know i have been MIA for a while now, i missed you all, i have been really busy with lots of things but promise next week i will be back blogging normal,i miss dressing up too:( thank you all for the feed back on my guest post, i will make out time to visit all your blogs, to still keep you coming back to my blog,i put together this few looks i will totally rock if i had them all for fall,all dresses from JohnLewis.com which do you like best? let me know.

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Xo J

17 Sep 2012

Guest Post

Hi dolls, happy Monday, how was your weekend? mine was full of activities:) but i promise to be back full time this week God willing, guest posting today is one my favorite and best fashion blogger, her style is fun,chic and classy, i can go on and on about her style lol, she is a young stunning Mama i look up to for inspiration, meet Tamara.

Hi Fashionlovers
Am Tamara ChloĆ© a mom of a beautiful son called Lyon, i started my fashion blog a few months ago,because anything fashion is my passion, i work as a freelance photographer and would love to do anything in styling, i love glamorous classic,elegant feminine wear but an occasional trendy and edgy look is something I adore as well.
I am soooo honored to guest post for Shana, she is one the best out there, her style is so what I would wear myself! she is a true inspiration to me,and the way she mixes colors and style is really special. every new blogpost is different and she always comes up with  a fresh look, I am so happy we met and have built a wonderful friendship online. pls follow her blog here http://tamarachloestyleclues.blogspot.com/

Love love her style,please head over to her blog  here http://tamarachloestyleclues.blogspot.com/  follow:)

Xo J


12 Sep 2012

Fall Colors

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? so sorry for the lack of post i have been very busy this week but i promise next week things will be back to normal :) so a lot of fun colors unveil by designers for fall, did anyone see Victoria Beckham latest collection? omg i love the prints and colors put together that lady got style, she is one of my style icons and one hot mama:) this are outfits idea i put together, i picked everything randomly very pricey items one can only dream lol,which will you pick?

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Xo J

7 Sep 2012

Simple Friday:)

Hi darlings, happy Friday, this week ran so fast i woke up thinking it was Thursday lol, does this happen to you? how was Fashion night out in the other side of the world? oh how i miss Australia, for the short period i stayed there event's like this and many other things are always fun, love can move you anywhere now i understand:) i had to remix this pants, summer never ends here so why not make use of the weather, went carpet hunting at Ikea, so i needed something comfy for an easy movement, i breath in for my tummy to look flat :) a little ''about me'' i was the skinny type but 3yrs after having my son, i refused the gym i rather stay curvy than skinny,i have had my days of people telling me to eat something lol, yes i was not scared of the danger sign behind me, just a few shots :) hope you like this simple look.

Outfit: Tank: F21, Pants: Mango, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bag: eBay

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Xo J

5 Sep 2012

Flare Pants

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? i was at the mall few days ago when i cam across this pants, to be honest am  not the type that like flare leg pants,but when i tried this one on, my hubby was the first to ask me if am dropping it lol, usually when he comes with me to the mall, he concentrate more on his phone while i try out things:) i didn't want to go with the normal button up shirt look, so i went with my favorite top:)

Outfit: Top: Nichii, Pants: Dunnes, Bag: Local Store, Shoe: Ck

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Xo J

3 Sep 2012

Red On Red

Hi dolls, happy happy new month, how was your weekend? hope all went as planned, wow August went by so fast, looking forward to September with great expectations, am all bold and going all Red, i wanted to stand out in church yesterday so i went for the most noticed color :) although i had my doubt how the look will turn out but i love the outcome, what do you think?did i pulled it off :)

Outfit: Top: Cotton on, Jeans: Zara, Bag: Local Store, Shoes: Calvin Klein 

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Xo J

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