19 Dec 2012

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Hi dolls, happy Wednesday, so sorry for the lack of post, i have been really busy, can you believe we are 6 days to Christmas, am so excited, how are you preparing for the holidays? i promise normal blogging will resume fully next year,  but that doesn't mean i won't be posting, of course i will try to squeeze in time during the last days of 2012, what a year it has been for me, onto this collection, am loving Jason Wu pre-fall 2013 collection, i came across it online Style.com i had to do a post about it, am a stripes lover so i especially love the stripes pattern of the collection and every other pieces, this pieces are amazing, and must have in your closet, i can only wish for now lol, love the collection, what do you think?

I will be back with an outfit post on Friday, thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week ahead
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12 Dec 2012

Stripes Love Affair ;)

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? did you notice today's date is 12/12/12 weird right lol, i already made my 12  Christmas and New year wishes,hoping and waiting for it to come true:) i wore this to pick my son up from school, i got this dress/skirt what ever you wish to call it, in Hong kong last year, oh i forgot to add it has suspenders attached to it, how cool right:) anything stripes has my name written on it, i never really gave this skirt a second look in my closet, not up till today, hope you like it:)

Outfit: Tank: F21, Skirt: HK, Bag: eBay, Shoe: Endless

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Xo J

10 Dec 2012

Nail Art Love

Hi loves,  Happy Monday, is the beginning of a new week, Christmas is close by are you excited? i am:) so normally i will do an outfit post, but like you already know i have been very busy, not much time to take photos even during the weekend, but no worries this week will be different cause i have less work to do, so aside from playing dress up, the other thing i wish i could always have on 24/7 to complete my look, are well made nails, the last time i did my nails properly was ummh i can't remember lol, i pretty much chew them or bit them all off, bad habit i know, i can't help it:) being a mom is super hard to keep all 5 fingers intact at the end of everyday without losing a nail or 2, so i just gave up on fixing it, i try to do it my self when i have the time or go natural without painting it, Kudos to all the fabulous nail gurus out there, it takes time, patience, and dedication to create fabulous nails like this ones i came across online, 
PS: all images are from Google, who else is into nails, am inlove with the 1st and 4th, so many amazing designs.

Images: Google

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5 Dec 2012

Touch of Red

Hi Loves, wow where do i begin to explain lol, last week and this week have been super busy for me, no time to even open my email, i missed you all, i have been house hunting and is taking all of my time, how are you all doing? is the middle of the week hope you all are having a great week:) i got this blazer few weeks ago, i have been looking for a red color blazer that fits in a while now, so when i saw this in Mango i had to get it:) how are you planning your Christmas? i have been shopping none stop, Christmas is the only excuse to get away with shopping lol. i had no time to edit this pictures, hope you like it:)

Outfit: Blazer: Mango, Top: Zara, Jeans: Fos, Bag: eBay, Shoes: Auri

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28 Nov 2012


Hi dolls,  happy Wednesday, hope your week is going as planned, is been raining here none stop for a few days now, i finally got an excuse to wear my knit top out today, i got it like few months ago on sale, Zara is really pricey here so i wait till when their things are on sale, is been hanging in my closet waiting for an opportunity to be worn, it has this glitter sparkly feel to it that i love and it holds my wobbly under arm together lol, i paired it with this navy blue color jeans that appear to be bluey in pictures i don't know how that happen, i guess my picture editing skills are not perfect, pardon me, i might have a slight change with my 3times a week outfit post, my hubs/camera man is really busy this days, i get limited time in the parking lot to take photos before heading out, is like snap snap lets go lol, hope you like this outfit:)

Outfit: Top/Jeans: Zara, Bag: Local store, Watch: Timex, Shoes: Auri

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26 Nov 2012

Lucky ''Green,Mint and Pink Day''

Hi darlings, happy Monday, how was your weekend and thanksgiving? hope you had a nice celebration and shopped 'the black Friday' sales craze:)  am so thankful for the gift of life, because if not for God i wouldn't be here today, Friday 23rd i was on my way out with my son in the car, i drove out of my parking lot peacefully on getting to my condo gate to join the main road, i lost control and drove off pulling the gate censor down and damaging my car, the good thing was no one got hurt, i stopped before it got to the road, how this happened so fast i have no idea, am a very careful and good driver, i pass through that gate every single day, the whole incident is still a shock to me, but in all i thank God me and my son were safe, even though i had to pay few thousands for damages, am glad no one got hurt, that was the worst day of my life, from now on i will be extra careful, God is merciful i can't thank him enough, it's a new week am all bright and matchy:) sorry for the picture size my camera was acting up. PS: without the lighting and editing this jeans are green not mint ;) hope you like this look.

                                           Outfit: Top: Mango, Jeans: Zara, Blazer C/o: Nichi, Bag: eBay, Flats: Dolce Vita

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Xo J

19 Nov 2012

Sunday Funday:)

Hi sweeties, happy Monday, hope your all had a great weekend, here is what i wore to the mall yesterday, i was on the hunt for the perfect peplum top and leather skirt i still can't find, though i scored this one am wearing at cotton on, i had no idea the top was this transparent, am still on the look out for that perfect one, oh and i love this scooter i just had to take a shoot with it lol, this is my simple shopping outfit, hope you like it:)

                                          Outfit: Top: Cotton on, Jeans: Zara, Flats: Wanted Bag: Carl rino

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Xo J

14 Nov 2012

Pink Shorts

Hi dolls, how are you all doing? is the middle of the week and am already excited for the weekend:) if you have been following my blog, you might have noticed that am not much of a shorts person, like i rarely wear them even when is hot out i prefer a skirt or a dress, but when i saw this at h&m last month, the color called my name lol, i love anything pink, even though they were like 2 pairs left on the rack and one size bigger than my normal size i just had to go with one:) to think that is snowing and freezing in some parts of the world  and here the weather is as hot as ever feels kind of weird, is like summer all year lol, things are back to normal now, so expect to see me blog regularly:) hope you like this look.


Outfit: Top: Cotton on, Shorts/Necklace: H&M, Bag: Local store, Shoes: Vinci 
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