24 May 2012


Hi Dolls, how have y'all been? first of all i don't know if any one gets so impatience and anxious as i do when expecting stuff and it takes forever for the delivery guy to show up:( so annoying right? Secondly OMG my son turns 3yrs on Saturday May26 and am still overwhelmed how big he has grown,someone pinch me:) am truly blessed to have him and i give God all the glory, Wore this out yesterday for a friends store opening, And to answer one of the question asked by Emily,i wear outfit everyone can easily find and put together,all that matters is what your comfortable in:)

 Outfit: Top/Skirt: Asos, Bag: Nose local brand, Shoes: Endless, Watch: Timex, Ring: Forever21

Am on twitter guys follow me  https://twitter.com/#!/Shana_Style   I was very tired yesterday all i needed was my bed:) PS: i really appreciate all my readers and i try my best to update regularly.
 Xo J

19 May 2012

Summer Brights

Hi darlings, i miss you all, am still apologizing for the lack of post,i have been really busy also i have this huge pimple on my face that has refuse to go:( to cheer up my blog a little bit here is an outfit i put together yesterday on Asos fashion finder,something i will totally wear if i have the complete look in my closet:)

You can tell am totally addicted to all things stripes:) everything here is from ASOS, am on Twitter and Bloglovin guys please show some love:)
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Have a fabulous weekend
Xo J

12 May 2012

Red Alert

Hi darlings,i know is been a while right? i miss ya'll, the weather has been so bad lately and a lot has been happening in my life,i will let you know about that with time:) the rain didn't let me take better pics of my outfit this was all i could take:(

Outfit: Zara Top/Jeans 
 Bag: Ebay 
Flats: Wanted shoes

Happy Mothers Day Ya'll, have a fabulous weekend with your love ones
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Xo J

7 May 2012

Colored Jeans Trend

Hey Lovelies, how are ya'll doing? is been a while ya,well a lot have been happening in my life but i promise to be back in full force soon, funny how one change their mind on things as they grow, i use to feel uncomfortable wearing colored jeans,but now every where i look is like 4 out of 5 girls are rocking colored jeans,which is great because i can now wear it and not feel fat or weird lol,am loving the trend right now how about you?
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Have a wonderful week ahead
Xo J

3 May 2012

Hi dolls,   Happy new month,wow by this time 2yrs ago i was pregnant and due to give birth any day, my son turns 3yrs in few weeks time,i keep pinching myself how time fly lol, but over all am grateful to God for giving me life and strength  through it all, here is an outfit idea and inspiration i love and will like to share with you guys :)
Loving the Green and blue combination gorgeous right? i got flu hence the lack of post, hope am strong enough to put an outfit post up soon, have a fabulous weekend darlings.

Xo J
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