29 May 2013

Little Summer Dresses

Hi loves, happy Wednesday, normally this would have been an outfit post but then again i have no photographer around at the moment, let's see how Friday goes:) so to spice up the blog a little bits i put together this cute summer dresses, something you can wear out comfortably on a hot sunny day, shout out to my old and new followers, thank you all for love, all looks are with flats. which do you like best.

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Xo J

27 May 2013

Relaxed Sunday ''Yellow''

Hi dolls, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? mine was wonderful, yesterday was my son's birthday, i had a lot of fun celebrating him, i still can't believe his 4 years old now:)) time really fly, overall am grateful to God for my family, watching him grow has been a blessing to me:) this pants are similar to the blazer i wore on my previous post, i saw it when i went to get the blazer but i ignored them because i didn't want to spend much, so it was a surprise when i came home to them few days ago, thanks to the hubby, after church i wanted to be casual and simple so i changed into this, what better way to relax and feel comfortable than with a pair of loose pants, oh and today also my tiny eyes are out, see i have eyes:)

Outfit:Shirt: H&M, Pant/Tank: Zara, Bag: Nose, Flats: Nine West

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Xo J

22 May 2013

Yellow Shoes

Hi Loves, Happy Wednesday, today's post is all about the yellow shoes, lately i have been seeing it a lot on many blogs, truth be told, i was never a fan of yellow, i use to see it as one odd colour, till i got me a pair just to experiment, there are very versatile and fun to style, i have been playing with polyvore a lot this days, here are outfits i  put together all with yellow shoes, which do you prefer?

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Xo J

20 May 2013

Ceramic Print Blazer

Hi loves, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? i had a great weekend, so my obsession with all things Zara is still on a high level, few weeks ago i meet up with some friends at the mall for a girly time like we always do, one of them was wearing this blazer and i immediately feel in love with it, it remind me of the design on the plates my mum use to hang in the kitchen, love the prints on it, another winner from Zara:))

Outfit: Blazer/Top/Jeans: Zara, Bag: Nose, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

17 May 2013

Leopard N Pink

Hi lovelies, TGIF, who is excited for the weekend? i know i am:) if you follow my blog regularly you probably already know that i am not a shorts person, i have no idea why, when i go to the mall i just pass that section, i can count the number of shorts i have in my closet, the funny thing is every shorts i own is bought by my hubby, he is the opposite of me when it comes to dressing up:) if he will have his way i probably will own more shorts than trouser in my closet lol, showing all them legs is not really my thing, but am learning to embrace it for him:)) anyways it's Friday so a little skin won't hurt, hope you like this look.

Outfit: Top/Shorts: H&M, Bag: Local store, Shoes: Nine West 

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Xo J

15 May 2013


Hi loves, happy Wednesday, hope your week is going as planned, today's post is all about dresses, summer is here what better outfit to move around freely and get over the hot weather than a dress:) one of the most comfortable and airy garment ever to me:) i put together this set on ployvore, hope you like it.

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Xo J

13 May 2013

A Touch of Yellow

Hi loves, happy Monday, how was your weekend? mine was eventful, we celebrated mothers day in church yesterday, am sure you all did, also featuring on the blog today is my son, he got me the best mothers day card ever:)) i couldn't have asked for anything else, don't you just hate it when pics don't come out right? sorry for the poor picture quality, this were the only ones that came out fine.

Outfit: Vest: Zara, Top/Pants: H&M, Bag: Local store, Sunnies: Cotton On, Shoes: Nine West

Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead:))

Xo J

10 May 2013

Polyvore Set ''Summer Looks''

Hi lovelies, happy Friday, this week went by in a blink of an eye, thank God is weekend:) i put together this Polyvore set of looks to keep the blog updated, whether is a lunch date with this cute water colour dress, or a business meeting with the stripes black and white ensembles or picnic in the park with friends, this looks scream summer and fun:)) the first dress is my favourite, which will you pick?

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Xo J

6 May 2013

Floral Blazer

Hi loves, Happy Monday, how was your weekend? mine was fabulous, i finally figured out how to maintain my camera original picture size 'yay' for me, also i got some of the blazers and other stuff i listed down on the blog few weeks ago:)) Zara is killing me with their spring/summer collection this year, when i saw this blazer on their website it gave me sleepless night, ''seriously'' this is my first floral blazer purchase and i love it, even though Zara is very pricey here, i had to ignore the price tag and just go for it,''side note'' if a dress, shoes, bag or anything else gives you sleepless night buy it:)) this blazer is going to be a regular on the blog, so many ways to style it, my picture editing skills is also improving, hope you like this look.

Outfit: Top/Blazer: Zara, Jeans: Mango, Bag: Nichii, Shoes: Nine West

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Xo J

1 May 2013

Plaid N Tweed

Hi loves, happy new Month, am so excited for this month because it holds a special moment in my life:)  4 years ago by this time i was waiting for the birth of my son who turns 4 on the 26th where did the time go:)) am loving my new blog layout:)) thanks to Rachel for a job well done, as promised am keeping to my 3 times a week post, even though am not sure of Friday post am keeping my fingers crossed  i will have a photographer around, but in the main time, here is an outfit i wore to a birthday lunch, this Zara blazer is making an appearance here for the second time, lately i have been into blazers,who knew plaid and tweed go so well together,the skirt is tweed, hope you like this look:)

Outfit: Blazer/Top: Zara, Skirt: Mango, Bag: Local Store, Shoes: Nine West

PS: i have no idea what is happening to my camera but it is acting up, excuse the small pics, will fix it on my next post. 
Thanks for stopping by, have a great week ahead

Xo J

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