6 Jul 2012

Flower Power

Hi Sweeties,  TGIF looking forward to the weekend:) i woke up this morning to an email from someone called Lauren,asking me some wierd but intresting question,so i thought hey i have the platform to discuss this with my readers, why not talk about it,the question she asked.
Q. Do you ever feel  intimidated by other bloggers?
To be honest with you "No" i know they are amazing and well known bloggers out there, but that should not make you feel insecure or left out at all,blogging should be fun, is another social media for every girl who loves fashion to express and connect with different people around the world who have the same passion, whether is Fashion or Beauty you blog about,their different types of bloggers,Student bloggers,Working bloggers,House wives who blog "etc, you bond with them by visiting and commenting on their post, you become a regular visitor and a friend, i don't underestimate any blogger whether you shop at thrift stores or designer stores it doesn't make a difference,we all have different budget, and i believe Labels don't define style,alot of people work hard to get to where they are today so why envy them or be jealous of people you don't really know, if Lauren is reading this i hope i answered your question,Wore this out today,hope you like it :)                                     

Outfit:  Dress: Mango, Belt: F21, Bag: Nose, Shoes: Endless.com Watch: Timex, Necklace set: Local store

I had an interview with gorgeous Stacey click here to see  http://tastyrumors.blogspot.com/2012/07/joy-what-wonderful-name-for-woman.html   i had fun doing the interview, check out her blog.

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Xo J


Lilli said...

lovely dress and shoes!:) xoxo

bleufountain said...

I like so much floral dress :)

Adeola Naomi said...

Great dress!!!
Love it!!!

Show Pony said...

Really insightful post!

Loving your floral dress and the accessories you used to style it :)

Jess xx


Mary Lou said...

beautiful floral dress! and i love how you accessorized it with those neon shoes and the bag!

Fashion Pad said...

You look so cute!!! No need to be intimidated by other bloggers because this is about your love for fashion....not everyone else's.

Rothaariges said...

I follow you! Now its your turn <3

daggistr said...

Thank You soooo much :) Your floral dress is fab ! You look gorgeous <3 ...of course it would be great to follow each other :) following You now :)



Yulie Kendra said...

Wooow you really have a amazing style - i love it ! And of course we can follow each other :-) I´m now a reader via GFC :-) Hope to see you again on my blog !!!
Many greetings!!!

shoppanna said...

look like a star in this dress <3
of course, I'm following you :)

Sylwia from the sign of design said...

Of course that we can follow each other! What do you say about following each other by bloglovin and GFC?

Sandra Y. said...

pretty dress!!! your right we bloggers don't need to feel insecure or inferior to those who are 'well-known blogger'.. :) very well said dear!! :)

visit my blog dear, new post is up! :) thanks :)

Outside Looking In said...

Great answer to her question! I LOVE your dress and those sunnies are really awesome!

ELISA said...

Love your dress!

ELISA said...

Following u now!

Ileana said...

You should not feel intimidated!! i think you had the best answer possible :) Love your outfit! the dress is adorable, and the details in gold makes it really chic!
Im now following on bloglovin and GFC, hope u can check out my blog, and if you like it, follow back on bloglovin :)



livewithstyle-ewa said...

So nice dress!Love your shoes.Following, follow back? XOXO Ewa

Lady Misch Masch said...

vowwww great image

GagCloud said...

Lovely dress ^^
Thank u for ur comment
I'd luv to follow each other
Following u now on GFC, Bloglovin #66 and twitter
hope u will do the same
wait for ur answer in my blog :)



street art _life style & fashion & co. said...

I love this flower print and you look great :)

Leeh Trindade said...

Love your dress!

Nada Diaa said...

cute <3



Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I love those neon yellow sandals!!
Following you on Chicisimo too! Check my out :)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I love those neon yellow sandals!!
Following you on Chicisimo too! Check my out :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE what you are wearing! I love the dress, the yellow sandals, the purse, the belt...You get my drift! I am going to have to check out that dress at Mango! Thanks for visiting my blog! -Jessica


cachemirevictim said...

Thank u so much for the nice cooment! Of course we can follow each other, I'm already following, hope u will follow back!!

Ellie Basford said...

pretty, followed


xo Ali said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Of course I'd love to follow each other gorgeous! Following you now, follow back?
Also, be sure to enter my giveaway- it ends tomorrow!

xo Ali

Anne said...

I am following you right now :D


I hope you do the same :D

Malu Swartjes said...

Great look!
Discover my Stylish Confessions! ♥

Discover my Stylish Confessions! ♥

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Very nice outfit.
Everything looks amazing together.

XO Arezu

Milou said...

Very cute, I follow you now.

Clare said...

Love the dress! And your shoes?! Oh my goodness!

<3 Clare
UUnderstated Classics

Danny said...

amazing :)

Fabulous Petite said...

So adorable Joy. I love it !

xo Sam


tanaya said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...Well said post here...I don't think blogging is about being popular...Its just a place to express oneself, make friends and its great that we have the oppurtunity on the web to have our say...Love the sandals...Aahhhh I miss summer and summer dresses...Following on bloglovin :D

Damycool said...

Lovely outfit! Love your style!

Chic Therapy said...

cute dress, cute shoes!

Bernadeth G. said...

love everything!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

Lovely dress! Perfect for the spring and summer season!


Kacie said...

Love the floral dress and those shoes look great with it!


Babi said...

Love this outfit!! Now I follow you with google friend connect! Hope you'll do the same! Let me know if you want to follow me also with bloglovin and chicisimo, so I can follow you back! I wait for you in my blog! Kisses! :)


nicole gordon said...

So pretty and colorful my dear! I love the advice you gave and I agree. It should be fun for everyone! Our difference are what make us special. If everyone was like me that'd be boring so I'm glad you're you :)


Ana said...

Dress is so nice :) Love floral dezen :)

songbird said...

love the neck piece and the floral dress..would love for us to follow each other..i will follow you right back!

karla said...

lovely dress!!!i follow you!!!thanks for your visit!!!kisses

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

wow this is amazing! photos are pretty good :)

visit/follow? :)

Adam Kwiatkowski said...

You look very nice <3

Audrey Masitsa said...

Your answer is very true. It's always important to remeber why you started your blog and focus on that. Never compare yourself to anyone.
Lovely dress. It's so bright and cheery!!!
Have a fantastic weekend:)

Mette H. said...

thanks ! sure, let's follow each other :-)

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Love your outfit so much!!

You look amazing

Just stopped by your blog!
Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



cecilia said...

lovely bag!

xoxo Kellz* said...

I simply adore floral goshh

♥ Natalie said...

I love your outfits!! Cute sandals with a nice color <3
I'm a new follower!!


Jenny Lauren said...

What a beautiful outfit, and a great answer to that question. With so many fabulous blogs out there, I sometimes get discouraged and think that everyone else looks so much better than me, and why would anyone want to visit my blog. Then I remember why I started my blog in the first place, and it was to have fun with fashion and to be able to share that love with others.

Your blog is fabulous, and I can't wait to see what you wear next!

<3 Jenny

Aitana said...

Perfect dress!!!^^
i love it ;)
i follow you on Bloglovin and on GFC :D
can you follow me on both of them too?¿?


Admirably Pretty said...

What an amazing dress! It looks gorgeous on you! I'm a new follower :)

Xo, Imke

Girlinblond said...

love Your outfit ! I follow Your blog :)

Inass said...

You look so cute! I love the styling.

Shen Dove said...

What a fab dress! Your bag, jewelry an shoes bring your whole look together.

Shoe Lover said...

totally adorable, love the gold accessories with the flower print!

sophie said...

hey! thnx for commenting!
love your outfit!
follow you right now and hope to follow me back! kisses!

Val Verde said...

super cute dress and chic look.


Ver said...

it looks so beautiful!:)

t said...

Nice dress!


Alazne said...

Lovely outfit! i like it!



Mica said...

Love that dress! Beautiful print and I like how you paired it with pink and yellow accessories :)


My Scrambled Style said...

Lovely outfit. Your shoes are gorgeous!


Simplement Heureuse said...

Your blog it's so lovely, i would love if we follow each other! Please let me know if you want too..

Daisy said...

Gorgeous dress, goes great with the gold jewelry.x

Keit said...

WOW, that necklace is kick ass!

Tugba Seckin said...

Thanks for your sweet comment :) very nice blog. Cant believe I wasnt following you :)

Georgina said...

You definitely have no reason to be intimidated by those "well-known" bloggers. You're wonderful!

Imani Love said...

Very cute dress! You loook stunning love!
-Imani Love

The Key To Chic said...

As a fan of florals, I'm drooling over your dress. Love that blogging is a bonding experience and a place to meet new people!

Molly B said...

I really like your blog! Now following :) Follow me back!

Thorunn Ivarsdottir said...

very cute look on you!
I just found your blog and I love it and I'm your newest follower


the chilicool said...

Very beautiful dress and you look fab!




Beauty said...

First of all, I want to say that was a very brilliant answer to the question that was presented to you. I agree with your views on the issue and your response was very refreshing.

Secondly, your floral dress is just gorgeous and I love the pink belt. Nice styling.

Veronica said...

Hi joy!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Love yours too! Totally following you!




Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts on the email that you received!!
also....love this floral print on you!

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Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, this dress is stunning. I love your heels. You look amazing. Fabulous post, love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo


Admirably Pretty said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!

XO, Imke

Itssa Bandicoot said...

the print of the dress is amazing and I love how youmatched it with neon sandals they look great on you :D I really liked your blog so I now follow you on GFC, hope you can visit mine and follow back if you wanna (:


Anonymous said...

Great look!!!


Δngye мιℓℓeг...❋

Marianela said...

Oh my God!!! love love love these!!!

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Fashion-Bridge said...

Thank you for your comment hun & the idea to follow each other. I'm following your beautiful blog from now on.
Your dress is truly gorgeous, summer perfection. and I love those pretty yellow heels!




Giovanna Vieira said...

Hi there sweetie, nice post :)
There's a super GIVEAWAY going on at my blog and I thought you might be interested, know more at:


MagicMagpie said...

A really well put together outfit, the colours of the dress suit you perfectly. You look lovely. (love the colour of your nailvarnish too!)


Sofia said...

Great outfit!
Thanks for your sweet comment. Of course we can follow each other.
I'm following you now on gfc and on bloglovin.


charlene chiong said...

following you now :-) I hope you will follow my blog also :-) let me know...

no. said...

yes! I follow you 'cause you have a beautiful blog and i totally love your hair!!
i hope you follow me too :)
kiss from Italy!

Ramya said...

Sure! Following you :)


Merveilleuse. ♥ said...

so lovely outfit!
i love it!

i am following you now, so follow me back if you want :)

kisses :*

Hanna said...

super-cute outfit! :)

xo, Hanna

Glossy Lala said...

Lovely look.
I am your newest follower,if you like my blog feel free to follow me as well:).


Anonymous said...

Lovely dress. :)
We follow you. ;*

Anonymous said...
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GlamFabChameleon said...

Dress is divine!!! And the bag amazing!! Loving your new look dear!

Emma Tjørnelund said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :-)
And cute outfit :-)

Anne said...

Your blog is so good!
I love it <3
Do you want to follow eachother?
Lots of love,


Unknown said...

Great dress! I love floral prints! I'm your newest follower, follow back ;)? x Elma


L said...

What a cute dress! I love it with the yellow sandals. Perfect summer outfit! xo


Carmen Ri said...

Your dress is very cute paired with the yellow shoes!

Carmen Ri.

Joandy said...

goreous dress that you had on, love it!!!

Nicol Sepúlveda said...

Beautiful dress, you look gorgeous :D I like it.

I'm following you! xx


Amy Fashion Blog said...

such a cute dress

borka gamero said...

I FEL IN LOVE WITH THE DRESS! love the floral print!

Thank you for visiting my blog doll! It means the world to me! follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? let me know in the comments so that I can follow you back!

AndreaBai @ Glam Hungry Mom said...

Thanks for the comment! Cute dress!

Marialena said...

great outfit! love the bag.
I'm a new folllower

Mia said...

Love so much this amazing mix :D

With love,Mia

Eeva said...

I'm so jealous! All the colors look great on you :) Especially yellow! And oh my gosh those shoes are amazing<3 Now following you via GFC! Hope you'll do the same for me!

xoxo Eeva

Mik said...

Really cute dress. following you now, follow back?


Antonella Leone said...

your blog is really great <3 I love it <3 may we can follow each other? :)

Rute Pereira said...

Thank you for your comment dear. I'm following now your blog. I hope you'll do the same :)

Kisses from Portugal*

Simone Diederich said...

Nice bag!

Chica de Ahora

Visa said...

love the dress and the colors paired with it (the belt). & of course i would love to follow each other. following you on blogger/gfc now, & cant wait to have you as a follower too ~


Juliettka said...

nice blog!
let's follow each other?:)

Jeanae' said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love this floral dress and the yellow heels!I am now following you!TTYL!

love fashion said...

lovely dress :)

Carmen said...

lovely look & blog

pls look also at my blog and become a friend too :)

XO, Carmen

maphi said...

love love the dress so cute

thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog xoxo

Of the comely said...

Hi. I agree there's space on the Internet for all the blogs. Thanks for the lovely comment on mine. Yes I'd like to follow each other. Let's use Google friend connect. Take care.

Sara et Sarah said...

Nice blog and post !
Would you like to follow each other?
Have a great day ;) !

Jessi said...

so pretty! I love the pops of yellow! Yes let's follow each other.


his little lady said...

what a perfect outfit. i'm in love with all of the pop of yellow!
xo TJ

francisca paulos said...

lovely colours for summer, nice dress xoxo

Carolyna said...

of course that we can follow each other :-) i am doing now :-)
So lovely dress

HauteMangoGirl said...



Elsa said...

I love this dress on you!
The floral print is so pretty.


Clara Turbay said...

Lovely dress and bag!

Danie said...

Thanks for your comment! of course we can follow each other! Im following you on GFC and bloglovin!

I love your dress! It has such a pretty floral pattern. I also really love your belt!


Street Fashion Paris said...

Love the neckless and sandals!

Girlys World said...

so lovely dress n so chic outfit=)) amazin heelz n omg im in luv with ur accessories!!=)) xx

Nenka said...

lovely dress :)

Trinnah said...

What a gorgeous dress!!


Moda Prue5 said...

A nice set :)) Regards.

Monika krzak said...

lovely dress <3

Sue said...

I love Florals! Your dress is super cute

Jackie said...

LOVE this dress!

Joana Ferreira said...

You look Gorgeous *.*


the Martha from Malta diary said...

What a beautiful dress!! So feminine and pretty!

Roxane Vonteese said...

Lovely outifit ♥

Justyna said...


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