13 Jun 2012

Blue Prints

Hi darlings:) finally an outfit post from me ''yay'' ok so is been a while to be honest i missed you all, thank you for the comments and love it really means a lot hearing your thought on my post, am so excited my dslr camera arrived last week and i was inching to take pics with it to see the image quality,i always forget to do the NEW IN POST when i buy new stuff i just rip off the tag and hang them in my closet waiting for an opportunity to wear them:) am loving this dress i got from Zara few days ago i actually wore it as a blouse, the Egyptian detailing on it are divine, it took forever for this pictures to upload my connection is crap but above all i love the outcome:) how is your week going?

Outfit:  Dress/Pants: Zara,  Bag: Nose,  Shoes: Lifestride,  Accessories: Local Store.

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My hubby says i look like an Egyptian lady on this dress:) what do you think? Have a fabulous week ahead.

Xo J


winetastegirl.com said...

I love that dress! Boys just really don't know fashion :) If you have a minute, I'd love for you to stop by my post today showcasing my new Summer Fashion Trends online magazine!

Leonor said...

great shirt:) love it!


4-LEXI said...

Great outfit, I love that top paired with the colored denim.


Fasheauty said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog Shanna!
lol your hubby is funny, I think you look lovely!
Love your trousers.. gorgeous!
Following you


Anonymous said...

Hey Joy! thanks for checking out my blog, it meant a real lot to me :D
lovin the top!
you got yourself a new follower xoxo

Always Maylee said...

I love that dress as a blouse. The print is gorgeous. Love it with that color blue jeans. You look so pretty!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit :) Now following u*


Just_Ur_Type said...

You have amazing style!! So cool!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment))
I'm following you now. I hope you'll follow back!) xo


Fiona said...

Aww this outfit is so nice. It's so cheerful and you look so lovely.

Following you now :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE that top and your title!! Great print!


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Kelinha said...

i like your necklace so much*

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

what a pretty look!!! something i'd totally wear myself. you look hotter than an egyptian lady.... the perfect look i'd totally go for. :) you look amazing. :)


Eimear O'Reilly said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my outfit post! Lovin' that top!

Eimear x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment
I like your blog :)

Do you want to follow each other?:)

Joy Shana said...

Thanks Ladies :)

Anonymous said...

I love the colour of your trousers, the top is very original. Lovely look!


The serial shopper said...

gorgeous shirt!



Anna said...

love your style.
by the way - great blog.

I'm following you now,
it would be very nice if you follow me too. Thanks a lot!


Jelena Dimić said...

Wow, how beautiful, I really love it! The Egyptian print enchanted me, I love everything about Egypt! *.*
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

Minnie said...

I like the outfit. The dress is really amazing, love the print. the necklaces matches the dress really well :) ♥ love it

Amy Fashion Blog said...

such a cute top

modabekçisi said...

your dress is very good...your outfit is love it...

Mary Lou said...

oh what a fabulous shirt, it looks really like a treasure of ancient egypt;)

Stefania B. said...

wow....love so much your trousers and your top!!!

BeingMominStyle said...

I love ur top....great outfit...I follow u through Bloglovin...

Selene said...

Thank you for have visited my blog ;)

I love so much you tshirt, it is very detailed and your blue trousers are perfect with the blue wall!!

I follow U on GoogleFirend, Blogolovin (#33) and Twitter (#23) I hope you could do the same, it will be a pleasure for me... <3

Kisses from Italy www.thefabframe.com

Tatty said...

love the bag and the tee, so cool!!

Allison said...

Absolutely in love with that dress/blouse! The design is so cool! I love how you choose to wear it as a top with the bright blue jeans! You look so lovely as always!!


Andrea said...

Love that top/dress! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Would you like to follow eachother?

xo Andrea

Priscilla said...

Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog Shana! I'm already following you. Hope you follow me back ♥
I love your blog!


Life's a shoe said...

very nice look! really love your top and your bag!

Kosi Harris said...

Amazing, love your blog sweetie! A new follower here!

dash and scamper said...

Love your photos!
Maybe we could follow each other?

Alessandra Mazzini said...

Great outfit!!! Love the blue!


The Fashion Milkshake said...

I love your shirt !!

And your entire blog actually !

Thank you so much for your comment !

I followed you :)




rubi said...

i like your complete look...you look preety and styling...and your hubby is right...i like your hair style and accessories...

Laura said...

Thank you so much! Amazing top and bag!

Sazi Efionayi said...

cute shirt,looking gorgeous hun


nikolia said...

I like it .. so beautiful ..
very stylish! xx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Super look, love the top :) x

Nee said...

oh, i loove your shirt:) <33 have a good day xx

LA Lynn's said...

You look very chic... Love your necklace! Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! I'm now following you! Have a great day!


Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. Would you like to follow each other?

xo Andrea

Elena Sergeeva said...

Hey girl thanks for checking out my blog! Like your top! Following you, if you like follow back xoxo ES

Diana (double-ganger) said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! Please kindly follow me on Bloglovin' & Google Friend Connect if you like my blog. Leave a message here to inform me that and I'll do the same back shortly:)


Eva Ana Kazić said...

Oh I'd wear that.

YoyosFashions said...

I love it too cute!

Ionela said...

I love your blog! This post is awesome!
Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
Where are you from?

Shahrzād said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
your outfits is so chic! Like your electric blue and your top!

I'm following you!^^


Amy Shaughnessy said...

You look fabulous! I love the print and I love the bright blue pants.



Natalia said...

I love your dress and that bag is so cute!!



Annie said...

Love your blouse - it's so unique and pretty! And it looks fabulous with those blue pants :)

The Other Side of Gray

Chic Therapy said...

very chic look.Me likey

Oluwaseun S. said...

I like the top! Very cute look! :)

Juju said...

So cute!
I love your bag


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

you look fab!

Jersey Blogess said...

love your top

Helmiina said...

You look gorgeous!<3 love the outfit:)
xx Helmiina

Helmiina said...

following you now with google and bloglovin!:) hope you do the same.

Aitana said...

Perfect look!!!^^
i love the top ;)


The Silver Bunny said...

Hi, Joy Shana, thanks for commenting on my blog, I hope you'll become a member. I like all your summery outfits, do you live in perpetual sunshine ?x

Bravoe Runway said...

I love that top, and no it is not very egyptian looking...boys are silly. Thank you for visiting my blog would you like to follow each other?

Bravoe Runway said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cheryl denise said...

my fiance told me i looked like an Egyptian when i had my bangs...silly men! love those pants on you!

a peek of chic

Tasnim Hassan said...

wow an amazing way to wear cobalt blue! love it, actually inspired! <3


Heart of Gold said...

I love the top!


Elisabeth. said...

Great look sweetie! (:

xx from http://heelsandroses.blogspot.com.es/

Glossy Lala said...

Hi,nice blog ,you look great.
I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).


Happy blogging.

Iris said...

Thank you for you're sweet comment :D I love you're blog to it's very nice.


Laura and Steffi said...

love that top !


A stylish distraction said...

Love the colour combinations and location in these pictures, you look great!

Anna said...

I love your style =)

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog =))
Do you want to follow each other ?=)

Hope we keep in touch ^^

bleufountain said...

Beautiful aztec shirt, I like this print :)
Thanks for Your comment, I follow You :)

Nicola McLaughlin said...

This outfit is stunning on you :)

Would you like to follow each other?
Let me know so I can follow back



Nicola McLaughlin said...

OOOPs silly me :)
I didnt really look at the name of your blog just the pictures and you look so different :)

Thanks hun xxx


Anonymous said...

Love the detailing on that top. It does look very Egyptian! Love your yellow necklace too. :) <3


Alexa said...

I love the detail on your top! Great look girl!


RougeDessin said...

Such a lovely print in the top! Loved the nekclace as well

Stephanie said...

Great outfit! You combined it all so good!!

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

You look very good, I really like your shirt & the cool way you styled it!

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

You look very good, I really like your shirt & the cool way you styled it!

erica marie said...

such a lovely way to wear a dress...I love the detail around the neckline...very beautiful.

xo erica
following now :)

PR_Style said...

Hello, thanks for the lovely comments you've made on my blog. I am now following your blog. I love your style by the way (every single outfit that you've either worn or pieced together in a set looks amazing.) I look forward to your fashionable post.


Joandy said...

perfect look, you look gorgeous in blue!!!

Cristi NoHYIE said...

I need this top! the Print is gorgeous! Now following! Thanks For Stopping by thenouxrejekt.blogspot.com !

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

love your style! just followed

Xo Megan

Anonymous said...

Cute! Love your necklace!


Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

Love this! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, it does look amazing! I wish we could get a close up to see the design pattern more :)

Amour, Stephanie

Jacy said...

Very chic outfit! Love your skinny pants and your detailed top :)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit post! :)



Olga Choi said...

wow, nice bag and gorgeous top~!
This is so nice of you to left a comment in my blog, dear~
You have a unique style so
it would be great to have you among my followers and be your follower also~!
Just drop the message in my blog if you like the idea~
Have a nice blogging day~!


Stephilà Creations said...

I love all about this outfit!!

Stephilà Creations-Myfashionblog

Hanna & Christel said...

Amazing outfit!


Littleehelen said...

Your blog is amazing, i'm following you! mind following back? xx http://www.littleehelen.com

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

That shirt is really beautiful, what an interesting pattern.

Pretty Mess said...

the location suits sooo well to your outfit.what I like most; is the nude bag combined with the blue pants, looks great..of course I want to follow,now it's your turn;)Have a great day.

Katherine McAdoo said...

i LOVE your top and bag! and your husband is just speaking boy speak - i have a pair of shoes my husbadn calls my 'jasmine' slippers after the princess in aladin. men just relate things strangely!

kira said...

Great post! loving the bag


Hola Bambi said...

Beautiful x

Sandra Leiva said...

Great outfit!

*Sheinside giveaway on my blog!*

Diana (double-ganger) said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Great post!!!
I'm following you right now on Google Friend Connect №326 & Bloglovin №36. hope you can follow me!!!





KERRIN said...

thanks for the comment girlie girl! let's follow each other! xx

Sofia said...



ClassyPam said...

I love everything about this outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog <3 how about following each other?

Smile On:)...Classy Pam


Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

love this look! the print on the top is fun, and perfect for summer! and niiice on the dslr! I'm saving up to purchase my own!
thanks for stopping by FFF!


Anonymous said...

Love the look...could I please have your pretty purse???!!


Kultur und Stil said...

A very pretty outfit! I'm a big fan of blue pants too and I lvoe your top with this beautiful pattern! Your bag is also very cute, a bit like Chanel ;-) Nose, does this brand have an online shop?
I love your blog and followed you on bloglovin, perhaps you've some time to visit my blog too and follow me back if you like it? That would make me very happy!

xxx Anita

Bernadeth G. said...

great photos, love everything!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

LA STYLE MUSE blog. said...

Just found your blog, its amazing!
Thanks for comment!

If you wanna follow each other, follow me and let me know and I will follow you back! :))


Francesca said...

love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Adeola Naomi said...

Beautiful look!
Thanks for your comment!!!
Am following you!

Style-Delights said...

Such a beautiful blouse love the shades of blue - you look amazing! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
PS. New post is up on my blog. Check it out whenever you have time!
Style-Delights Blog

fashionbyscarllet said...

Woow!! Very style!! I love your blouse!! :D


Kisses **)

fashionbyscarllet said...

Woow!! Very style!! I love your blouse!! :D


Kisses **)

fashionbyscarllet said...

Woow!! Very style!! I love your blouse!! :D


Kisses **)

Dana said...

Love the Egyptian print... Looks lovely on you and you should have told hubby that you are an Egyptian Queen!!
Welcome back!



Joy Shana said...

Thx dolls:)

sleepandwater said...

Love the printed top and how it's balanced with the white :) And the bag is a really pretty shape and colour!

CHIC GIRL said...

love your look, very cute, and your blog

Girl On The RollerCoaster said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I love your blouse!!Great look.
Hope to see you again on my blog.


Asia and Oleszka said...

great look!

NEW! http://wildand3.blogspot.com/

Chloe Mia said...

Love the print and your necklace!
chloe-mia.blogspot.com x

Tudo sobre raparigas aqui said...

Love your outfit!

bonnie_blog said...

Great look! SOOO beautiful photos!!!
I am your follower now! And I will be so happy, if you follow me:-)

Diana Marks said...

You look lovely in that outfit! The purse is gorgeous!

Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin? Follow me and I will follow you back with pleasure. Just let me know in the comments ;)

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Tere Ávila said...

great look honey , you have a nice style!


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Peach Punch said...

Lovely outfit Shana I really like it!
Check my new post!
xoxo DIa!

Little K. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Hope you follow!

Little K.

Nikki said...

I love your dress and the bag is so beautiful!:) Xx

Moda De Canela said...

Really gorgeous!! the top has such a beautiful print, and I love the rich color of the trousers, very beautiful outfit. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! really means a lot:)

Bohemian vanity said...

Oh you look gorgoeus ! Totally adorable style ! XX

International Directory Blogspot said...
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RaeAbigael said...

gorgeous outfit! love the combination :)

visit my blog? http://raellarina.blogspot.com
and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! ^^

Lana S. said...

Love your outfit, so cute!


lucia m said...

loving your top!




MissRockwell said...

I would love to see this as a dress as well. It's really pretty-especially the detailing at the top!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again soon.


the Martha from Malta diary said...

You look great and I absolutely love the Egyptian style design. I bet it would look good worn in other ways as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now following you :)

Martha xx

Joy said...

Love the pattern of your top! The outfit looks real cute! Want to follow each other?


Jacklyn said...

your top is so beautiful, you look amazing!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Check out my new outfit!

Jacklyn ☮❤ from Aly´s Book

oomph. said...

i love the print details, too. i think it's great paired with the skinnys, too. but most of all, i love that gold necklace!

Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

vhutali said...

this is very beautiful. you look lovely dear


RachInFashion said...

Loved the idea of dress played into a top :)

Karoline Kalvø said...

Gorgeous. Love your blog.

Kisses from Norwegian model and blogger

Joanna´s Secret said...

Great outfit! I love it!
I follow you now:)
If you like my blog too just follow me back:)



Madelainet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madelainet said...

You have amazing style! I love this pants wiht this pretty top!

Paulina said...

lovely bag !

Bella said...

You look amazing! :) Love everything about this outfit! :)


Onyxsta said...

this outfit is so colourful and cute


Kristyn said...

You have fabulous style!


Bettina said...

Love this whole ensemble! Love the fit and cut of those pants!

A stylish distraction said...

Very chic outfit, I love the colour of your pants and the print on the top!

ashi said...

that zara blouse is gorgeous girl and you look nice!

Klara said...

Great outfit!!! I love the colours.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Of course I follow you! It´w be great if you follow me back.


Nada Diaa said...

love it <3

i am following you now , hope you follow me back :)



Nkemdilim Oranye said...

Omg how amazing is your shirt. I adore it so much. Thanks so much for the love on my blog and just sending you some love your way. xo.


Keit said...

Brilliant idea to wear it as a blouse, it's perfect!

nicole gordon said...

You look beautiful! I love these colors on you!


La Femme Tres Chic said...

this look is perfect, love how you turn the Zara dress into a blouse..

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